Desire Knows No Bounds

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

پریشب که عکس «دارم از دل‌تنگی می‌میرم» را گذاشتم اینستا، غریبه‌ای که نمی‌شناختمش برام یه کامنت گذاشت. برام نوشت:

In the last episodes of Gilmore Girls, when Rory is scheduled to leave in a couple of days for an unexpected job offer, she asks Lorelai how she can be so fine with the situation. And she says sth like "it's too soon. It's too soon for me to think about you leaving. I'll be falling apart, and that's why it's too soon"... I cried, for Lorelai, and for mom who kept me from seeing her falling apart, and now I cried for you. I hope you get to squeeze your babies soon, and frequently, and for long

با دیدن کامنت‌ش، بعد از دو هفته بالاخره بغضم ترکید. تمام شب رو گریه کردم.

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