Desire Knows No Bounds

Friday, November 30, 2018

دارم روزهای میان‌سالی رو سپری می‌کنم. تو این دوران، توجهم بیش از هر چیزی به بدنم و تغییراتش جلب شده. بالا پایین شدن هورمون‌ها. پی‌ام‌اس‌های طولانی و پر درد. تحلیل رفتن قوای جسمی و خستگی‌های طولانی. ترس از ورزش نکردن. دردهای مزمن ، یکنواخت، و دائمی. بی‌حوصلگی و میل زیاد به خواب، بطالت، و هیچ کاری نکردن. حوصله‌ی آدم‌ها و معاشرت و بچه‌هام رو حتا ندارم. انگار بدنم از حالا رفته نشسته رو یکی از نیمکتای پارک لاله، در سکوت مطلق، داره به پرنده‌ها غذا می‌ده.

چه اعتراف خوبی. خیلیا از این دردا نمی گن و هنه چیز رو تو این دوره خوب و پخته نشون میدن.
I like the details of your life experiences that you share.
I've been reading you since nearly 10 years ago. I loved the parts where you were describing your time in Japan, those struggles, images. And when you were attending Karname screenplay writing courses, those feelings, exploring your passion for art, storytelling, details of life, and so on.
I like these little notes of life, viewed from your p.o.v. And for me, the thing that was most interesting about you, was your passion for life and living it fully and in an intellectual way mixed with an artistic attitude toward life. mixing business with art, I really like this combination. So, I mean you are interesting to know about your life. And I want you to share even more of your experiences in life , work and your words of wisdom.
I don't think that your physical changes are related to aging. you are still way too young for that. Its because of living in this polluted city, especially in the city center. the air quality is really and tangibly horrible and disturbing. I am younger than you, motivated and happy and yet I have most of those symptoms too. Just don't let it get to you &
Take care of your life & share ;)
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